Electronic Hobbies- The Solar Plant alarm for watering

This electronic hobby is  that which contains a very simple circuit which is used to give sound whenever the soul will be dry. It can go long way in solving threat to   life of trees because we will be able to know the dryness of the route of the trees. The used solar sell in this project supplies the power 6 V DC hence it does not need batteries. one more thing,  it does not release any noise in night.

 How does it work?

The main method is that when the soil will be dry having high resistance where as when soil is found having minimum resistance. The wet soil gets resistance around 6k current will be flowing through the base of transistor,  it will work as conducting current from positive voltage to ground. Hence Q2- LN222 does not bias current, thus Q2 does not sound buzzer.

AS regard  dry soil,

There is no current flow in Q1 that’s why it is not conducting, and it happens because it has high resistance. Therefore,  the positive flow current  to R1-10K of Q2 then it sounds from buzzer.

How can it assembled?

The cardboard can be used in spite of PCB board to make the circuit of The Solar Plant alarm for watering.  Because it is quite simple and easily affordable. First of all, all the component should be drawn carefully and wire should be laid out on the thin paper in order to complete the component layout.

Conclusion about The Solar Plant alarm for watering – :

This is the project which is so useful in alarming against dryness of the soil. It has so many application and more important thing is that it is not so expensive. It works effectively once it accurately composited.

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