Electronic Hobbies- The fire alarm circuit with the use of infrared

In this electronic hobby project, the useful method of infrared sensor smoke is used. This project is quite simple and easily affordable. It is generally used for home.

No buddy is interested in hearing the Fire word because it brings losses to us.

There are many form which depend on the sensor which gets the sensation of light radiation heat etc. It also detects the smoke. Most of the circuit are more expensive and difficult.

Hence the infrared light is used to detect smoke which can be easily created it works effectively and gives 100 percent best.

It has two section:

There is master unit which generates the alarm signal and give notice to the point of Fire.

It is the detector point Which brings separation between sub for the installation in numerous room. It may be extended as per requirement.

 How to build?

The component should be assembled on the PCB board. After assembly of the equipment, then the experiment carry out with old circuit to test their function firstly spray the smoke in box at receiver then testing will be done. After that we can try to get the shade of paper so that circuit work  will be fast. The master unit must be deployed in the bed room so that the people who are in the house they may be able to listen the warning on time. The should be installed at the top side of wall above all critical points.

Conclusion about The fire alarm circuit with the use of infrared -:

In this project, The infrared plays a significant role to sense the smoke and send the warning signal.  It is quite useful project mostly used in all tall buildings.

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