Electronic Hobbies- The Car Alarm System

The car alarm is used for many good job. It protects car efficiently. It also help us in protecting our from theft. It happens with many motorist when we forget to put off the headlight. As a result, its better charging gets down and engine does not start . That why alarm system has a important role to play in this regard.

Headlight alarm system-:

When we forget to put off the light when battery gets down when we start the car in the morning.

in this method we use the equipment like CMOS and nandgate and small transistor and buzzer only. when we will stop the engine it will put off headlight and give warning by buzzer which sounds immediately.

The circuit assembly:

All component will be laid out on PCB and a transistor and diode will use all comparable features. The buzzer will be used of small size 12 volt the wiring on PCB board  should be tight  so that wire can be detached. The 1C socket should have soldered 1 C on PCB. It is quite easy to create but during the installation of this on car it becomes difficult.

The switch is connoted to the ground wire, door has control on it. This circuit works on the ground, when you will open your door then this alarm will sound that you have forgotten to turn off your car headlight.

Conclusion about The Car alarm system-:

This project is quite useful because it provides security to our car and protect it. One more advantage, if we install this alarm we can escape from hassle.

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