Electronic Hobbies- Simple Time Delay Circuit Using MOSFET

The people who want to know more about MOSFET.  In this regard,  we can try to create time delay circuit which will have a long duration.  It is considered that it is good for switching and also quite easier as compared to the transistor.

In order to get the number of MOSFET  in the silicon. The one of the most important transistor is used it is called metal oxide semiconductor fat.  The MOSFET  has the lot of advantage like it is very small and also it has the lot of application. No doubt,  its sound is really great it works with the switch and amplifier.

How do it work?

In order to get the effective performance in it.  We should use the MOSFET  IRF 540 and importantly its work is similar to transistor.  But it contains more different legs.

During the positive voltage at the gate of MOSFET.  All the electrons will be attracted in the region of the Gate at  that time there will be the higher current flowing  in the source and drain.

One more thing is that,  if you want that the lamp should give the higher brightness that time we should use MOSFET in the lamp.

Note-: In this the Piezobuzzer  is used for loading or we can use light LED and radio.  But remember do not go through the excluding power rating of Q1.  We have the series of resistor that’s why we should use R1 for reducing current flowing through K1. The LED is used for testing

Conclusion about simple time delay circuit using MOSFET-:

In this electronic hobbies, MOSFET is playing a significant role in all aspect. As we can see in this project, it is quite useful for switching as compared to the transistor. Moreover, in this electronic project, LED light is being used for the testing.

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