Electronic Hobbies- Simple robot toothbrush

Electronic hobbies-:  It stands for transforming your theoretical knowledge into the practical world. In order to do that we need to have a principle which will work on it and the raw material which will be going to be used in that principle.  The same principle can be used in the wide range of projects. That’s called electronic hobbies. Let’s have very simple robot toothbrush.

Create a toy for a child, it is very simple process of making a robot toothbrush.  In this process, we have to follow a principle, it will vibrate with the movement, without getting control and direction. Generally , children will have great fun when the will use it to play with pets.

Lets figure out all required parts in making a robot toothbrush. The all old parts can be used in this. 

  • The AA batteries 1.5 V x 2 = 3V because it is used with DC motor for toys. Normally It has voltage range 1.5V – 4.5 V.
  • A small switch can be used for the function of On- Off.
  • A plastic board is used to paste all parts on it with glue.
  • Toothbrush works as wheel of the robot.
  • Motor is used for vibration of the board.

To sum up about simple robot toothbrush -: It brings us to female stainless nut in order to hold the spindle.   It has very centrifugal force.  As usual warned by the vibration of mobile phone. All the procedure is quite easy and simple for making a toy.  The parts which are used in this principle are easily available. It can be made anywhere, .  Interestingly , Children will have lots of fun when motor will start to vibrate and the toothbrush will come in moving state.  One more thing, There is not any word of caution because it is totally safe for children.

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