Electronic Hobbies- Non Contact Voltage By The Use Of Transistor

In this project,  transistor are used as a main. The transistor CD 4060 considered as main in it. But it is believed by some people that  it cannot be found easily. So today,  the interesting cycle will be introduced because of its transistor quite cheap and also it has a in quite simple circuit.

How does it work?

In this method,  we use  amplifier using three transistor which are more  popular to use in many circuit. They are very sensitive and also we use a wire which will act as a RF antenna in this.

As we know that when the AC line will be flowing in any wire that time the electromagnetic field will be spreaded out.  Hence,  we try to fix antenna near to anywhere so that it will be able to get the signal.  It will be used to expand the force then it will be able to  gain the frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz. One important thing is that,  it will also use a buzzer circuit to indicate the  AC main frequency . There  will also be a LED display flashing light.

How can we  build?

This project can be assembled perforated board because  it does not require setting because it does not have Potentiometer.  You just need to prepare and  get it done on the board then it will be new.

The prototype which will be assembled on that board-

Keep in mind , do not use antenna to  touch AC line directly. Because it has the high voltage and the circuit can be damaged or  it may be harmful  for you as well.

Conclusion about non contact voltage by the use of transistor-:

This is the simple electronic hobby project in which more component are being used to make its function smooth. As we can see that, we need to be careful during the making of this project because it contains high voltage which can prove so harmful if you get in touch with it. That’s why we need to have caution whenever we will be working on this electronic project.

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