Electronic Hobbies- Digital Clock circuit without microcontroller

In this electronic hobby project, we will be making a 6 CM digital clock circuit without having microcontroller. One Important advantage of this, We can see clearly even from the 10 Meter away. In addition, it can be seen even in dark, because its display helps in reading number easily. The all function are done in digital clock with the help of microcontroller.  One thing we should know before making  the circuit of this. The  all function will be based on the simple IC.

In this project we will be using CMOS that can be easily bought in any store nearby as compared to the digital clock having alarm circuit.

How does it work?

The working method it needs to have 50 Hz signal from AC line, then it will be converting waveform, then in order to feed 3000 circuit, the 50Hz frequency for every second . It will be getting 50 cycle . In 60 second, There will be count of 3000 cycle which is equal to 1 minute. When all 3000 cycle are counted by the 3000  counter circuit in 1 minute. After that the signal will be sent to the 60 counter circuit to add number, then it starts to recount the  3000 cycles. Afterward the signal will be sent to 60 counter circuit in continuously till to 59.

Conclusion about Digital Clock circuit without microcontroller-:

In this project , it does not have microcontroller that’s why whole the process are completed  with the help of IC which is also a significant part of this project. This project can be made as per your display requirement. If you will use the wide screen then you will be able to see the digit from long distance. All component need to be composited accurately and carefully.

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